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JS Modular 2

Trigger Divider

The trigger divider (Clock divider) uses a 4024 Cmos chip to divide the incoming clock pulses by 2,4,8 and 16. The 4024 has a reset input, and this is used of course too. The schematic shows only the driver of output N/2, the other outputs look similiar.

Trigger divider

Digital Noise

The digital noise is a well known design : just take some shift registers and xor's, and you get a pseudorandom signal. The repetition time is really long ! I plan to implement the same with an atmel AVR controller, and it is also a good idea to feed the output of the digital noise into an 8 step shift register (serial to parallel) and use the 8 bits for D/A conversion. With an exponential series of resistors for these 8 bits, the distribution of the outcoming volatage will be equal (256 different voltages). With all resistors having the same value, the distribution of the outcoming volatage will be binomial, and there are only 9 different voltages (including 0 volt).

Digital noise

R-Envelope Generator

The following schematic represents an A-R-Envelope Generator. If you just solder the Release-Input-Pot-and-diode, you get a R-Envelope Generator.

A-R- Generator

MS20 Lowpassfilter clone