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MS 20 Filterclone

I have modified the schemo of Rene a little :

MS20 Lowpassfilter clone

Without the *-signed elements, this is the original Rene-design. My modification increases the Resonance signal compared to the input signal, but this modification is NOT part of the PCB ! You have to solder it by yourself.

This is a PDF MS20 Lowpassfilter clone of the PCB for download. Its the PCB for Lowpass. Power supply is +/- 15 V. If you want to change lowpass to highpass, the following modification must be done :
-unsolder the right pin of the 1n-capacitor below the upper 3080.
-Connect this pin of the capacitor to "Audio IN"
-Thats all !
Of course i know, that this is NOT STATE OF THE ART. But it works.

Just for fun : the assembled PCB's (LOW and High) behind the front panel.

MS20 Low-High passfilter clone